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Job Application:You can enjoy free register, free release of resume, free search of recruitment information, free talent recommendation and so on.
Till December 30th, 2007, VeryEast has held:
The largest resume database:more than 400,000
The talent at the production line:168,230
The colleges and polytechnics nationwide:4,280
The Recruitment Links Member:5,980
The retention rate of Recruitment Links Member:86.2%
The customer satisfaction:94.2%。
Website:http://job.veryeast.cn Tel:0571-88866108

Talent recommendation:The senior talent can enjoy the free in- warehouse, free talent recommendation, free consultation for Career Development and so on.
Till December 30th, 2007, VeryEast has held 24402 senior talents.(General Manager:4386; F&B Director:3712;Housekeeping Director:3278;FinancialController:2902;
Director of Human Resource:2619……)VeryEast has successfully recommend 215 senior talents for 285 enterprises. The customer satisfaction reaches 96.7%.

Website:http://job.veryeast.cn Tel:0571-89939406

Training Experts: 156 famous training experts in China Hotel Industry including Zou yimin,He Jianmin,Wei Xiaoan,Shao Dechun and so on.
Training Style: Open & Onsite Courses Hotel certifications: The certification of Professional ability and professional qualifications which authorized by IARI, is recognized by more than 60 countries such as America, English, France, Singapore and Australia.

Tel:0571-89939400 (Open & Onsite Courses) 0571-89939426(Hotel certifications)

Get Business Opportunity:
◆ The information of new hotels
◆ Thousands of potential management and consultation items
◆ The most effective and directive information of hotel suppliers
Strong Internet Promotion:
◆ Alexa rank: 4500
◆ 3,000,000 page views per day;
◆ Till June 30th, 2007, Hotel-114 has held:
◆ More than 815,000 hotel food & beverage enterprises
◆ More than 514,00 hotel suppliers
◆ More than 730 hotel management corporations
◆ More than 6,300 education providers

Website:http://biz.veryeast.cn Tel: 0571-89939448

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