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Company profile
Company profile
  VeryEast is the first specialized gateway website for China Hotel Industry, which holds the largest clients and page views ,and the most complete information.
VeryEast holds continuously the leading position in the hotel industry :first to create the trinity of recruitment, online recruitment, and newspaper recruitment; first to provide trainee and graduate's information; first to develop hotel yellow page and combine the yellow page with traditional hotel operation; first to provide headhunting service for hotel industry……
    VeryEast holds the largest registered members which including 400,000 individual members and 130,000 enterprise members. Thousands of news & information is renewed everyday. The page views has topped 3,000,000, the alexa rank has launched 4,500,and the page collection has reached 6,500,000.VeryEast has became the first choice of hoteliers and hotel enterprise for job application ,recruitment, training and business search.
    VeryEast guides and promotes the interaction development of internet industry and hotel industry. More than 60 mediums, such as Phoenix Satellite Television, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Times, Shanghai Talent Market News,Qianjiang Evening News, Fast City News, Chengdu Commercial News and Shenzhen Special Zone Press, keeps a long-standing concern for VeryEast. In the meanwhile, VeryEast has long-term and friendly strategic cooperation relationship with tens of famous and mainstream mediums including CCTV-2,China Hotel, International Hotel, Global Hotel and China Tourism News.
    As a leader in the hotel industry, VeryEast has became the most marketable, influential, competitive and growable gateway website for China Hotel Industry. Now it is leading China Hotel Industry to the fresh internet operations.